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The Connecticut Federation of Lakes (CFL) is the Voice of Connecticut Lakes. Connecticut lakes need a voice to represent them at the local and state government levels, to educate the public, and to help create an environmental ethic for lakes so these important inland water bodies can become and/or remain the healthy, desirable natural resources our families and friends deserve.

Although lakes have not been neglected, they have suffered over the years just as have the Long Island Sound and our rivers. High-density populations around lakes, septic problems, stormwater runoff, erosion, nutrient loading, exotic species, and other causes of environmental degradation have damaged many of our lakes and ponds.

Our lakes are very fragile, but with public education, remedial programs, and political action they can be protected. The CFL was formed by those who wanted to help.

The CFL is a partner, a resource, a sounding board, a clearinghouse, and even an advocate in local, state, and national matters as they pertain to CT lakes. The CFL wants to help you in your efforts to protect your lake, pond, and/or watershed to be healthier now and in the future.

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CT Lakes Grants Program

Connecticut Federation of Lakes (CFL) is pleased to release our 2024 Lakes Grants Program. Under this Program, the CFL request applications from its Members for financial grants to support projects in three categories. 

CFL recognizes that its Lakes Grants Program grants will not likely cover the full cost of project applications, but it is our hope that these grants will help you organize, raise the profile for your project or help engage your community. We hope these “seed funds” will make the difference in some or your projects coming to fruition.

The CFL Board voted to continue the grants program in 2024 for the total combined award amount of up to $4,000. 

"Save Our Lakes" Specialty Plates are Available

CFL designed a specialty license plate to enhance public awareness of the need to preserve and protect the states lakes and ponds from aquatic invasive species and cyanobacteria blooms.

Connecticut’s lake community is encouraged to purchase one or more “Save Our Lakes'' special interest license plates for their cars, trucks, RVs, trailers and even motorcycles. Your purchase will demonstrate your passion and concern for Connecticut’s Lakes, rivers and ponds which are at great risk from invasive aquatic species, harmful algal blooms, polluted stormwater runoff, and other environmental pressures.

Every plate purchased provides a one-time tax-deductible donation to the Connecticut’s Lakes, Rivers & Ponds Preservation Fund to treat impaired waters and raise public awareness about the fragility of Connecticut’s fresh water resources. The funds from the Connecticut’s Lakes, Rivers & Ponds Preservation Fund are used to fund grants for the control of Aquatic Invasive Species through The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.
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Please keep CFL in mind and be sure to pay your 2024 membership donation.  Many of our members are now seeing the fruits of our efforts to create funding for the fight against invasive species. 

We all hope and expect that the lake season will be better for us all. Keeping your membership up will let us make 2024 our best year yet!

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